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G&H Decoys Navigator Coot Decoy


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G&H Decoys Navigator Coot Decoy

This battery-operated G&H Decoys Navigator Coot Decoy is molded from durable material. It is carefully crafted to give a realistic impression. With its shape, paint and other details, the appearance of this decoy is really exceptional. The body shape, the detailed feather and the acrylic eyes give the realistic impression. Aside from being durable, this Navigator Coot Decoy is made with creativity with a touch of reality.

Included in the realistic appearance of this Navigator Coot Decoy is the realistic motion. It shows the actual motion of the ducks enjoying the water in the pond. With the help of the 2 C-Cell batteries, you can enjoy the duck’s random movement. It can swim to the left, to the right and forward direction. The battery is enough for you to enjoy the swimming duck for 4 hours. This automated decoy is made lightweight and it will float in the water while showing its realistic motion.

You will never regret having this Navigator Coot Decoy because it is a diver hunter’s dream to have one of this. This battery-operated decoy is very visible in the water and you will surely enjoy its movement in the water. Watch it from a few steps away and you will surely be deceived by its realistic appearance. As it move to the right or to the left, you can think that the decoy is real. Surely, this Navigator Coot Decoy will never fail to amaze you and other people. Having this realistic decoy is a great addition to your small pond.

Do not forget to have this 15″ Navigator Coot Decoy and you can absolutely match it up with the other battery-operated decoys you wished to purchase. Use a new battery and you will surely enjoy the random swimming movements for few hours. This is indeed durable, lightweight and high visible in the water.

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 12 x 9 in

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 14 in


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