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Granite Base


12″ x 10″ x 1.25″ Polished Granite Base. Actual base colors will vary due to supply. Base comes pre-drilled for mounting the WE100 Precision Sharpener.


The Granite Base is a hunting knife sharpener. It is designed to provide easy access to knife sharpening for hunters who are always on the go. This accessory is made from the genuine granite and makes your knife as sharp as you want it for any of your hunting or cutting purposes.

This granite base has a dimension of 12” x 10” x 1.25”. It has the natural granite colour and will look perfect in any of your table and counter tops. It is great as knife accessory and its polished finish provides a great table top design. It has the rubber, anti-skid feet design that provides great grip on the table.

This granite base is pre-drilled for mounting purposes. It can mount your WE100 Precision Sharpener. The elegance of its design, and the material itself, is enough for this granite base to be used as a table design. More than just being a reliable base for the mounted knife sharpener, it is also a great knife accessory that you can show off. If you have a collection of knives and sharp objects, this granite base for knife sharpener is a must have accessory you will love to have in your collection.

Weight 15.0 lbs


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