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Gunners Up Adjustable Height Stickman


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Gunners Up Adjustable Height Stickman

If you are out in the field for training, bring along this Gunners Up Adjustable Height Stickman with you. If there is a need for a long gun, you can always rely to this Adjustable Height Stickman. The stickman can be adjusted into different height – from 47 inches, to 58 inches, 70 inches, and 82 inches. You can absolutely pick the right height to achieve the best of your training.

Aside from the adjustable height feature, this Gunners Up Adjustable Height Stickman can also be stored easily. It will only occupy a small space in your storage place since it will only measure 5 inches wide and 47 inches tall. 

This adjustable height stickman is made from durable materials. With its sturdy construction, you can expect this stickman to last for years. You can use this for long-term because it is heavy-duty to stand the different conditions in the field. 

Nothing is as impressive as this Gunners Up Adjustable Height Stickman. This stickman is really a great partner in field especially if you are having training by yourself. With this adjustable stickman, you can have convenience, great features and easy storage in one training equipment.


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