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Gunners Up Extension Cable 15′


Gunners Up Extension Cable 15′

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Training your dogs will be so much fun if you will not have a hard time with the things that are necessary. There are several training supplies that you greatly need, such as an extension cable. It might not be a great deal, but if you come to think of it, this extension cable will help you reach further distance upon training.


The Gunners Up extension cable 15’ is a must have because it is a very useful cord for the Tri-Tonics and Dog-Tra receivers. The good thing about this 15-foot extension cord is that it allows two launchers to be operated in one receiver. It is a very big help to have this cable. If you want to experience the convenience that this extension cord provides, you must be able to get your own. Having two launchers at one gun station is not a problem at all; this product is the answer to your problem. Through this extension cable, training retrievers will be much easier and more fun. You do not have to stress yourself because surely, this will give you the ease that you need.


Key features:

1/8” plug

Allows two launchers in one receiver


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