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Gunners Up Extension Cable 6′


Gunners Up Extension Cable 6′


For those people who are fond of training their dogs, it is very important to have an extension cord because it makes the dog training easy and convenient. This very great tool has already helped a lot of dog owners when it comes to developing its skills in hunting.


With this Gunners Up extension cord, it is 6 feet long that is compatible with Tri-Tronics and Dog-Tra receivers. In one receiver, it also allows two launchers to be operated. It is not a problem anymore if you want to have two launchers at a single gun station because this 6-foot extension cord will take care of it.


Training your dogs is surely a fun and exciting thing, knowing that your dogs will not only learn, but enjoy at the same time. Once you train your dog with the help of this extension cord and other tools, you will definitely feel at ease. The effectiveness of the training will improve because of a tool like this. There is nothing to worry about the durability of this product because it is designed to last for a long time. This just means that there is no need for you to buy again and again.

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