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Gunners Up Retired Gunner


Gunners Up Retired Gunner


Gunners Up Retired Gunner


The Gunners Up Retired Gunner is a small, lightweight design that makes it easy to transport from site to site. It is also easy to set up, taking just seconds to assemble fully and to get it into the position that you need it in.


The unit is specially designed for acting as a gunner concealed behind a blind that is in the ground. It only makes sense, then, that the Retired Gunner includes a retired gunner blind. Also included with the Retired Gunner are a Stick Man with adjustable height and an electronic release retired gunner. You can use this retired gunner as a stick man.


The Gunners Retired Gunner is durable, stable, and still convenient.  Train on retired guns using this unit, and do the training wherever you are able and not worry about transporting the Gunners Up Retired Gunner there.


The  Retired Gunner does work with both the Tri-Tonics electronics and the DogTra electronics, but both of those electronics must be purchased separately for use with the Gunners Up Retired Gunner.


For enhanced performance, and a convenient set-up, the Gunners Up Retired Gunner can’t be beat. You and your dogs will benefit from its ease of use and its included stick man, blind, and electronic release features.

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