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Gunners Up Son Of A Gun Launcher


Gunners Up Son of a Gun Launcher: Throwing birds by hand is a thing of the past


Gunners Up Son Of A Gun Launcher

Launch Ducks, Dokkens, and Bumpers with the Gunners Up Son Of A Gun Launcher. Each of the birds will fly a different distance – 15, 20, and 25 yards on average respectively – and adjust the arc of the throw to keep your dog’s training and workouts varied. The adjustment is simple, requiring just that you move the front legs in and out to achieve your desired angle.


Other features of the Gunners Up Original Remote Launcher include a 209 primer shot and a safety latch so you won’t have to worry about early firing. A Servo-driven release mechanism is also a part of the high-quality Gunners Up Original Remote Launcher unit.


The Gunners Up Son Of A Gun Launcher is made with stainless steel bolts, strong rubber tubing, and has nylon pulleys and nylon lock nuts. These components guard against corrosion and other wear. An aluminum frame with black coating completes the design, which in total measures just 24”x49”. When it’s folded, it’s only two inches thick and so it can easily fit in your car or SUV for transport.


The Gunners Up Son of a Gun is the training solution for dog owners who travel and want a durable, long-lasting, and versatile launcher for training their dogs. Though durable and sturdy, it is compact and portable. Though compact and portable, it is strong enough to stand up to the elements and to the needs of your training regimen.

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