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HydroceptGroomer’s Spa Conditioner


HydroceptGroomer’s Spa Conditioner


Say goodbye to a dull coat and red, itchy, ugly skin with Hydrocept? dog shampoo from Rainforest Coastal Labs. If your dog has sensitive skin, we have your grooming solution. The Hydrocept product line of dog grooming supplies is the first choice of vets and grooming professionals everywhere. Our shampoo and conditioners have been specially formulated for the daily care of your dog. 12 ounce bottle Sensitive Skin The problem with most shampoos is that their chemical cleansers strip and wash away the natural skin, fur, and protective oils. Many products can even leave your hands feeling rough and dry after bathing your dog. Surprisingly, a dog’s epidermis has fewer layers and is more delicate than human skin. For many dogs this stripping leaves the skin permeable and vulnerable and the hair weak and fragile. This results in a dull, limp coat and red, bumpy, flaky, or itchy skin. Is your dog licking and scratching’ Do they have hot spots’ Is their coat missing that natural healthy shine’ Healthy Skin Easy to use and made of the highest quality natural coconut and botanical oil-based cleansing ingredients, our dog conditioner is gentle, hypoallergenic, and entirely soap free. Our dog shampoo features a unique non-stripping formula fortified with rich conditioners and natural oils to leave your dog’s coat moisturized, silky, and healthy. Doesn’t your dog deserve a product specifically formulated for his or her unique skin’

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