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Zink Calls Long Sleeve White Shirt


Long Sleeve White Shirt

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Keep things casual and comfortable with this Long Sleeve White Shirt. Many people need to stock up on basic pieces which they can use anytime and anywhere. This product shows off a minimal and classic appearance, which is great when you are just lounging around on a lazy Saturday or shooting game with your friends. The Long Sleeve White Shirt is a comfortable garment that you can use while looking for game or something to change into after sweating it out in the field.
The Long Sleeve White Shirt is made of top quality cotton. The fabric is cool and breathable, which is ideal when hunting during the summer and fall seasons. The long sleeves are also great to fight sunburn and insect bites when you are out under the sun. The Long Sleeve White Shirt is indeed a staple in anyone’s wardrobe if you know how to wear it properly.
The Long Sleeve White Shirt can be bought in different sizes (Small, Medium, 3 XL, XXL, XL and Large). However, it is only available for men. The Long Sleeve White Shirt features a minimal image in orange ink. It features the Zink logo, as well as its slogan “A Champion in Every Call”.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in


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