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Mega Whistle w/Clear Gonia


Mega Whistle w/Clear Gonia


This Mega Whistle with Clear Gonia has a megaphone effect. It is specifically designed for a long range usage. Thus, this mega whistle really reaches out even from miles away. Aside from the long range capacity, this mega whistle is best for different direction.
The Mega Whistle with Clear Gonia is best in running water, windy conditions and other circumstance. For hard-headed dogs, calling their attention is not a problem with this mega whistle.
This mega whistle comes with an easy-to-blow design and has a long range control. This is one of the best common whistles you need to have to handle your dogs. You can always rely to this mega whistle yet, you just need to be careful not to use it near your partner’s ears.
Blow this whistle during uncontrollable situations and you dog will surely recognize that you are there. Your dog will no longer have the hard time finding you and for you as well, you can absolutely control your dog during difficult situation.
This mega whistle is ideal not just for hunting purposes but also for trial competition. The high pitch tone produced by the whistle is enough to get your dog’s attention. This whistle is widely used by dog trainers and professional hunters.

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