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Molt Gear EX-Reflex D Goose Calls


Molt Gear EX-Reflex D Goose Calls

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The EX-REFLEX D Goose call was built for unmatched durability, tone and speed, a pure in-the-field goose calling machine.

The REFLEX D is a exact replica of the Reflex acrylic, at a little over 4 inches long this beast was built to run all day long. Starting from the top, the mouth piece comes with the patent comfort fit radius for all day calling. The barrel is bored for free air flow to the reed, allowing for that quick response and sharp, piercing tone to cut through the air. The insert comes with the Molt Gear designed compression chamber for built in back pressure, which makes your job easier. No time for wasted air!

Each EX-REFLEX D comes with a hand shaved reed and is tuned with the Molt Gear Phantom guts to ensure the maximum performance of range, tone and speed. Comes in two color options, Coal Venom and Steel Venom. You can also include a custom lanyard drop to match your call and a call grip in your order. The EX REFLEX D is the next call in a line of calls that are always made, “One at a time, One of a kind” !

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

Coal Venom Call, Coal Venom Call and Drop, Coal Venom Call, Drop, and Grip, Steel Venom Call, Steel Venom Call and Drop, Steel Venom Call, Drop, and Grip


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