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Molt Gear Goose Society 3


Molt Gear Goose Society 3

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The next step in the Goose Society series takes an inside look into advanced decoy spread strategies, from telling the story to the birds above, adding depth to the spread, and gaining width and how it all play’s a key role in your success. This next step isn’t all goose hunting though, action packed duck footage and hunts is also included. Each hunt is broken down so you can learn as we go after some of the most pressure birds in the country in some of the worst conditions possible.

Go goose and duck hunting with us in late season cornfields, flat hard to hide bean fields, water quarry’s, small river systems, major river systems, ponds, and of course in late season winter weather. We hunt slow rolling refuge giants, deep south lesser’s, big water mallards, and dry field swarms of ducks! Its all about hunting, information on hunting, its the Goose Society 3!


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