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MOmarsh FatBoy Zero Grade Pit Blind


  • Fiberglass construction that wont crack or rust.
  • Nestable for shipping/ transporting
  • On site assembly
  • Fits in pickup truck bed for transport.
  • Available for half pit or zero grade applications
  • Awesome and unique door system for covering the shooting holes.
  • Acceptable for use on conservation easement properties!


  • 12′ L, 69″ wide at shelf area, 48″ wide at bottom, 30″ tall (each half)
  • weight of each half pit is 350#’s.

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MOmarsh is well known for the comfort, quality, and hideability of their marsh boats and the blinds that go with them. Continuing the tradition they have developed a 4-man pit blind that has some big advantages over other pit blinds on the market! The biggest drawbacks to many pit blinds is that they are bulky to transport, deteriorate, and are hard to hide from above. MOmarsh has addressed those details!The Fatboy PB is nestable for shipping. This is a big advantage over most other pits as the parts can be stacked unassembled and shipped LTL to anywhere in the country. Furthermore, the pit blind will fit into the bed of a pickup truck, so no trailer is needed to transport them to the hunting location. Once there, the blind can be assembled on site and put into the ground.The PB is made to use one of two ways, either 2 parts can be bolted together and the blind can be buried in zero-grade fashion or 1 part can be buried and a 20″ topper is attached to it for areas where zero grade is not needed, but a dry hole in the ground is! Our unique and highly effective cover system for the holes is highly effective and very easy to see and shoot out of. In that regard, we have perfected what is the biggest drawback to many pit blinds!Furthermore, the Fatboy PB complies with conservation easement restrictions that dictate that a blind be removable. Concrete blinds have become unallowable on most WRP and CP tracts in recent years. Fiberglass doesn’t rust or crack like other blinds and tends to be quieter and does not sweat much!


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