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**NEW** Holding Blind (4 Pole – 3 Panel)


**NEW** Holding Blind (4 Pole – 3 Panel)

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Concealment systems are truly popular among hunting groups. Nowadays, people get more creative in getting the prized animals they want, whether it is trophy birds or four- legged animals. When it comes to concealment, it is best to rely on natural camouflage to trick the game to come closer and lower their guard. If you have a retriever dog that helps you in hunting birds, then you absolutely need to conceal them in a reliable Holding Blind. A Holding Blind is a type of concealment system that makes use of camouflage material to hide people or dogs from the view of animals.
The 3-Panel Holding Blind features aluminum poles with sleeves and reinforced web edges to create a 3 panel hiding place. It is easy to set up, since the poles have a pointed ground spike. Its cover material features the Avery Killer Weed, which is made of 900 Denier Condura Nylon. The rugged configuration allows hunters to set the Holding Blind in multiple structures, such as a wall, square and wedge. You can surely hide your god with ease.
The height of the blind panels measures at 48 inches. As for the width, the blind panel reaches a total of 7.10 inches. The package also includes a ball bungee closure.

• Aluminum pole with foot bar — 7” Spike; 55” Pole Length
• Height of Blind Panel: 48”
• Width of Blind Panel: 7’10”
• Color: Avery Killer Weed


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