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Pat Burns Green Monster Dog Whistle


Pat Burns Green Monster Dog Whistle

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Stop your dog during difficult and uncontrollable situations with the help of this Pat Burns Green Monster Dog Whistle. This dog whistle works well even if you are 400 yards away. This is ideal to be used in windy days and even in long marks. The consistent and the distinct sound of this whistle will help your dog differentiate easily the sounds with the other whistles.
This dog whistle is specifically made as a result of the increasing difficulty in stopping the dogs during hunt trials. This dog whistle is made and tested in sound laboratory. The shape of the whistle is designed to concentrate the sound directly to the dog. It can create high decibel sounds with an intense tone with 8 kHz range, the standard hearing sensitivity of dogs.
The length of the dog whistle is 5 inches. The acrylic construction of the whistle made it durable. The green color of the whistle is specifically chosen for the hunters. This whistle is also ideal to be used in hunting competitions or hunt trials.
The Pat Burns Green Monster Dog Whistle will never fail you because aside from being durable, you can always rely to this whistle under any condition.

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