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PL Launcher


Bird Launcher


If you are looking for one of the best bird launchers on the market today, one of them is the PL launcher. When it comes to its performance, it is definitely unquestionable. There are many things that you can find in this product that may not be present in others.


This bird launcher has a maximum air flow, which is used for scent distribution. Moreover, you can also easily adjust the spring tension in order to adjust its throwing height. PL launchers can be operated using RR Deluxe electronics. Other than these, there are still several things features that you will really love about this PL launcher. This product will also not cause any noise at all because of its quiet launch.


Training your dog with this bird launcher system would be a great thing. As many as 16 launcher units, you can program its transmitter easily. Experience the fun of training your dogs with this tool, which can be easily located through its locating horn on the receiver. The remote release system of this bird launcher is the same as the digital electronics that can be found on the Dogtra training collars.



13.2” x 6.9” x 6.9”


Having this as one of your tools during training is definitely a good idea.