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Retriev-R-Trainer Launcher Only


Retriev-R-Trainer Launcher Only


The Retrieve-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher combines the sound of the shot with the flight of the dummy for the ultimate training experience. Distances varying from 100 to 200 feet can be attained accurately and easily by using various power loads and dummies. The Retrieve-R-Trainer launcher is guaranteed for 3 years from date of purchase against factory defects. For safety purposes, we recommend that you handle the Retriev-R-Trainer as you would a firearm.

Please Note: The Retriev-R-Trainer should only be used with dogs that have already been satisfactorily conditioned to the sound of gunfire. The use of “heavy” loads will shorten the useful life of the dummies. Increased distance can be obtained by using plastic dummies and by varying the angle of fire.


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