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Sillosocks 3D Sentry Snow Goose Decoys


3D Sentry Snow Goose Decoys (Painted heads) (1dz.) (SS1043)


One dozen SILLOSOCKS sentry snow goose decoys

You will surely be impressed by these 3D Sentry Snow Goose Decoys. With the realistic appearance, there is no doubt why these decoys are perfect to be used in your snow goose spread. These decoys are made artistically with a compact design. 

One notable feature of these snow goose decoys is the collapsible head. The collapsible head will allow you to store the decoys neatly and conveniently. Another thing that will surely impress you is the 3D head which made the decoys appear real in any direction. 

Aside from the collapsible and 3D head is the durable materials. The materials used for these goose decoys are heavy-duty, ideal for long term use. These goose decoys can surely stand the harsh condition in the field.

These 3D Sentry Snow Goose Decoys are sold in dozen. With the compact design, you can absolutely carry several units in the field. Indeed, with these snow goose decoys, you can have durability and portability in one. 

These snow goose decoys are great addition to your snow goose spread. These decoys resemble the real snow goose. Thus, you can surely attract the goose in the field and other waterfowl. Given all these things, there is no doubt why these decoys are considered as among the favorite decoys in the market today.


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