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Sillosocks Speck Feeder Decoys




When it comes to goose decoys, Sillosocks continue to impress the hunters by producing high quality and deadly goose decoys. These Sillosock speck feeder decoys have the best print ever! The decoys appear so real and indeed, very deadly. These decoys will surely attract more birds in the field.

Made from durable materials, these speck feeder decoys are made flat and these decoys do not shine, making them to appear like the real birds in the field. The heads of the decoys are flocked and have white nose patches. These things add to the realistic appearance of the decoys.

These decoys are best to be added in your spread. With just a small breeze, these decoys will start to move and start attracting the other birds. These feeder decoys also comes with an inner liner bag, making them ideal for “no wind” days in the field. These decoys also have 22″ hooked spring steel ground stakes. With the ground stakes, you can easily pick up the decoys in the field.

These Sillosock speck feeder decoys are sold in pack of 12 decoys. These work perfectly with the graylag geese, bean geese and pink-footed geese. Hunting will surely become easy and successful with the help of these feeder decoys.

SS1531 Standard Sized Black and White Canada Goose Decoys

Add these Standard Sized Black and White Goose Decoys in your spread and you will surely attract the geese in the field. Many hunters were impressed by how deadly these black and white decoys are.

These black and white decoys are so realistic. It appears so real even in miles away. The head, neck and the body are fully flocked. It comes with a no shine feature and the decoys have UV Reflective V-Tail and Cheek Patch.

These decoys are very deceiving and deadly. The decoys are best to use in both windy and no wind condition in the field. These black and white decoys have 30” Hooked Ground Stake that is very useful for support and efficiency.

These decoys are made from durable materials, making it ideal for long term use. Even with the harsh condition in the field, you can still use these decoys for years.. The lightweight materials made the decoys easy to carry in the field. You can bring several units in the field for better result. These black and white decoys are sold in dozen.

For amazing hunting result, use these Black and White Goose Decoys in your spread. You will never regret having these decoys because they are very realistic and deadly.


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