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Sillosocks SS1722 KNOCKDOWN™ Blue Conversion Kit


SS1722 KNOCKDOWN™ Blue Conversion Kit


In hunting, there are techniques used by the hunters to increase their chances of getting the prized game they want. An effective strategy is to plant decoys in a certain area to lure unwary birds out of their hiding. The KNOCKDOWN Blue Conversion Kit is a great addition to your hunting collection. This product includes stake extensions and heads to create a group of life- like fowls grazing on the land. With these on your backyard or at a certain place, you can be assured that the game will be out in no time.
The KNOCKDOWN Blue Conversion Kit has 12 dozen fowl replicas with a strong and durable structure. Their space saving design will minimize a chaotic look and still have space for other birds to flock. Their feathers are featured as a rich and realistic detail on a no- shine material to keep up the illusion. Each bird also comes with its own head that are kept upright by the stake extensions.
The KNOCKDOWN Blue Conversion Kit allows the decoys to fit perfectly in a RubberMaid tub, or perhaps a Sillosock cube bag. They puff out when there is a 1 mph breeze, but you can be assured that they will still stand despite rough winds.


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