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SS1430 Son of Stalker


SS1430 Son of Stalker


SS1430 Son of Stalker

The Son of Stalker is perfect for your flying decoys. This device is perfect if you want to see the flyers move horizontally. This 12-volt device fits well with any flying decoys. Enjoy the flyers while flying horizontally side by side which is made easy by this Son of Stalker device.


This device can give you an impressive movement of the flying decoys as they spread. The distance it can accommodate may vary depending on the length of the pole. If you have a pole that measures 3′ then the flyers can move side to side up to 3′ to 4′. If you have a 6′ pole, then the flyer can move up to 6′ to 7′. This device is works well with or without wind.


When you purchase the Son of Stalker, the package includes the manual, Rheostat Speed Controller and the 20 feet cord. The speed controller will allow you to control the speed of your flyers. This device is battery operated and easy to assemble. All you have to do is insert the 1/4′ rod into the stalker and tighten the screw. You can also install the flyer with a flag bracket.


Assemble, insert the rod and be ready to enjoy the movement of your flyers.