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Suckerpunch Bowfishing Ready to Fish Package



This Suckerpunch Bowfishing Ready to Fish Package is a bow built and designed for easy fishing. This is the bow that every fisher has been waiting for. If you do fishing using fishing bows, this is your must-have fishing gear to add to your collections. It provides easy fishing, making you an expert.

It allows two types of operation mode: the constant draw mode with its 60% let-off which is done by just a simple change in the cam modules, and the deep cam grooves.

This package contains a fishing biscuit arrow rest, Cajun Hybrid fishing reel, Cajun Blister buster fishing pad, and 2 white fiberglass arrows with 7 Piranha points. It features the deep cam grooves that prevent derailed strings, lightweight aluminium Bonefish pattern riser, constant draw cam modules, 60% let-off cam modules with draw weight and length adjustments from 17 to 50 pounds for the weight and 17” to 31” for the length.

The bow has a weight of 3.2 pounds. The brace has a height of 7.25”. The axle to axle has a measurement of 35.25”.  This fishing package offers the best accessories you need for your fishing activities, and you will never go back without a successful outcome.

The package contains 5 pieces of accessories.

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