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Swimby Dvd By Evan Graham


Evan Graham hits the Swim By Mark!

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Nearly 40 minutes in length, this DVD brings to life the information on Water Force and Swim-by offered in Smartwork for Retrievers volume one, Basics and Transition. It is not intended to replace that text, but rather to augment it to provide you with the best possible instruction on these two vitally important topics. Because of its DVD format, Smartwork has expanded the information to be more indepth. The dogs trained on this video are at this level of training. They do the same things, make the same types of mistakes, and are given the same appropriate kind of instruction typical of dogs at this age and level of development. These are not just someone’s finished dogs going through basic level work, and doing it perfectly. They will, in fact, probably behave a great deal like your young dog is apt to behave when doing these skills early on in their training. You will have the opportunity to learn appropriate ways to train your dog fairly and effectively – step by step, the Smartwork way!

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