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Tanglefree Migration Edition Redhead


Foam Filled

4 Drakes & 2 Hens

Out of stock

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Commonly coined by Tanglefree customers as the perfect “boater decoys”, these heavy keeled and foam filled Diver Series decoys were specifically bred for rough waters, long gang lines and guys who love to shoot. We dare you to challenge them with heavy winds, white cap waters and pepper them with #2 shot but they’ll keep smiling at you all day long with their heads up and chests out.

  • Size 14.5″ Tail to Bill
  • Weighted Keel
  • Foam Filled
  • Packaged per 6 (4 Drakes, 2 Hens)

Additional Details

WEIGHT 11.5 lbs
DIMENSIONS 19 x 14.75 x 12 in



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