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Tanglefree Pro Series Green Wing Teal


4 Drakes & 2 Hens

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Designed by award winning master carver Don Mintz, Tanglefree’s Pro Series Green Winged Teal are perfect for targeting teal or adding realism to any spread. With 4 realistic body postures in a package of 6, the diversity of this small teal spread is able to fool the most wary of migratory of fowl. Each decoy mold has its own lifelike migration plumage using specific paint colors in conjunction with the carving’s natural feather shading. The set of 6 also includes 1 calling hen for realism while using a teal whistle or a reed teal duck call. Finally, the weighted keels are proportioned perfectly so the longest of decoy throws are achieved with perfect upright landings.

  • Size 12″ Tail to Bill
  • Weighted Keel
  • Packaged Per 6 (2 Upright Drakes, 2 Skimmer Drakes, 1 Rester Hen, 1 Caller Hen)

Additional Details

WEIGHT 5.5 lbs
DIMENSIONS 14 x 14 x 9 in



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