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Tanglefree Specklebelly Goose Slammer Sock – 12 Pack


Specklebelly Goose Slammer Sock – 12 Pack

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Developed in conjunction with the guides from Show Me Snow Geese, the Slammer Socks are made of durable Tyvek® material, back supports in stainless steel, lightweight fiberglass rods, rubber washers and can be used in any weather condition. While being transported between hunts, a bundle of about 150 Slammer Gooses will take less space than a single 6-slot goose bag filled with full-body Greater Canada Goose decoys.

As side from realism and effortless wind motion in the field, Tanglefree now offers zippered Slammer Sock bags that provide easier use in the field and off-season protection. With a 5 different sock goose patterns/species, not including the economically priced headless Slammer Socks, there is a sock available that will allow you to fool one of the most difficult birds to decoy.

  • Featuring the “Show Me,” motion master back support system for use in all weather conditions.
  • 28” fiberglass rod
  • 23” x 13” Tyvek sock
  • Stainless steel back support
  • Rubber washers
  • Flocked Heads Included
  • 12 Pack (8 Feeders & 4 Uprights)
WEIGHT 2.95 lbs
DIMENSIONS 35 x 9 x 3.5 in


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