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The Blind Builder – Muddy Water Blind Material


Muddy Water Camo Blind Material. Get the Ducks to you!

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Some of the most useful hunting gears are the laydown and retriever blind accessories. These are categorized as ‘hunting blinds’ because they provide an ample cover for hunting materials, like guns and ammo, to avoid raising the alarm among the prey in the surroundings. Hunting blinds do not just cover the gear, but also dogs. They are big enough to keep your retriever in place while you wait for the ducks to appear. There are a lot of hunting blinds available on the market to take advantage of.

The Muddy Water Blind Material is a great product if you are into hunting in ponds, rivers, marshes and lakes. It is constructed from a tear- resistant material called the Nylon Polyurethane. The hunting blind is also waterproof, so laying them down near the water is not a problem. The product sports a Camo design that camouflages nicely in muddy environments. When you are into rugged conditions, then the Muddy Water Blind material will not disappoint. It is just one of the many bestselling products from the established hunting brand, The Blind Builder.


Key Features:

  • ­Made of Nylon Polyurethane Backing
  • 100% waterproof
  • Tear- resistant
  • With extra toughness for rugged conditions
  • Camo design
  • Specifically used for muddy water excursions

Size: 10 x 5 inches/ 50 square feet