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Thunder 500 Launcher


Thunder Equipment Launchers will definitely help you LAUNCH your dog in the right direction

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If you badly want to train your dogs, but you do not have enough funds to buy the supplies needed, you must not worry at all. This Thunder 500 Launcher is the answer to your problem. This is the most economical and smallest 5-shot launcher that you can ever see available on the market. Using this high quality launcher will surely not compromise the training that your dogs will undergo because it is made from exceptional industrial materials and components. Thus, it can survive the outdoor field use, and can serve you for years.


In less than 5 seconds, you can already reload this launcher, and upon storage and moving, it is not required to have a case. The launcher is powder coated and is made from 100% solid aluminum sheeting. In only 2 minutes, you can completely set up the unit already. Its power source is a very economical and safe MAAP gas, which can be bought at almost all home supply stores.


Together with this unit, you also need Dogtra or Tritronics launcher electronics. In addition, you would need to buy additional bumpers as well. Own this and other supplies that will help you train your dogs without hassle.

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