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Thunder Equipment Retired Gunner


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1.RETIRES and UN-RETIRES on command with push of a button
2. Only 12″ x 6″ weighing 12 lbs.
3. Works with standard Tri-Tronics or Dogtra remote release systems (not included)
4. Able to accommodate many different existing stickmen on the market that will insert into ¾” shaft. (Weight Restricted. See WARNINGS)
5. Rechargeable battery yields days or weeks or use without recharging
6. Will work in most wind without binding.

1. NEVER manually move the Retired Gun stem where stickmen is inserted. This can cause SEVERE stress to internal components and damage either shear pin or motor. This damage is NOT covered under Limited Warranty.
2. Use of heavy full size, life like mannequins or wooden stickman is prohibited. These items will potentially break the internal shear pin or damage motor. This damage is NOT covered under Limited Warranty.


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