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Versa-Launch Remote Launcher Base


Versa-Launch Remote Launcher Base

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Versa Launch Remote Launcher Base


The Versa Launch Remote Launcher Base is an affordable way to keep your training varied and interesting. Up to 8 launcher tubes can be used with the the Versa Remote Launcher Base, and each of the tubes can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to change the direction and distance of your launches. The tubes rotate a full 360 degrees, giving you a full range of directional options for the tubes.


If 8 launcher tubes isn’t enough to fulfill your training needs and the variety of launches that you need, the Versa Launch Remote Launcher Base can be further expanded to fit more launcher tubes. To expand beyond 8 launcher tubes, you can simply attach another base to the Versa Remote Launcher Base. Doing so can double the number of launcher tubes you are able to use – that’s 16 launcher tubes you would have at your disposal.


With an expanded Versa Remote Launcher Base, you might find the system a little bulkier and harder to transport. To make it easier to transport, you can attach a handle and a wheel kit. These attachments are optional, so you only have to use them if it does make it easier for you to use and transport the Versa Launch Remote Launcher Base.


The launcher tubes for the Versa Launch Remote Launcher Base must be purchased separately from the base.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 21 × 4 in


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