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Versa Launcher Triple Shot


Versa Launcher Triple Shot


18″ x 21″ x 1.5″

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Versa Launcher Triple Shot


Remotely launch dummies from the Verso Launcher Triple Shot, and never repeat the same series of launches. The Versa Launcher Triple Shot lets you adjust where and how far you want to shoot your dummies, keeping things interesting for you and your dogs.


The Versa Launch Triple Shot tubes (three of which are included with the system) can be easily adjusted to shoot the dummies at different angles, and reaching distances of up to 200 feet. They can be adjusted vertically, and for a full range of 360 degrees to point in many different directions. You can also use different power loads to achieve a range of shot distances.100 blank medium power loads are included with the purchase of the Versa Launch Triple Shot.


The base of the Versa Launch Triple Shot measures 18”x21”x1.5” and can hold up to eight launcher tubes. In addition to the base, the Versa Launch Triple Shot package includes a receiver stand, cables, a polarity adapter, and a shoulder strap. You also receive three launcher tubes, RRT dummy launchers, and RRT white canvas launchers.


If you use a transmitter/receiver unit for training and would like to use one with the Verso Launcher Triple Shot, you will have to purchase one separately from the Verso Launcher Triple Shot package.


The Versa Launch Triple Shot is Made in the USA. Some assembly is required.



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Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 12 in


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