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ZingerWinger Remote Hunt Tester™ G5



ZingerWinger Remote Hunt Tester™ G5

At 69” tall, the ZingerWinger Remote Hunt Tester G5 still only weighs 17 pounds. It’s a convenient unit to carry to your field sites or to keep in your car or SUV.


The 69” height is a redesign of the ZingerWinger Remote Hunt Tester G5, as the original model was 72” tall. But comments from our customers led to a redesign that improves convenience and makes shipping less expensive. But the height change doesn’t mean you are sacrificing any power. The redesign includes a modification of the rubber length so that even the heaviest birds can be properly thrown with adequate force.


The ZingerWinger Remote Hunt Tester G5 includes heavy duty hinges and rubber tubing. The unit also includes three sets of anchor hooks, giving you options for height and distance so that you can adjust the launches to fit your training needs.


For keeping your dog motivated, the ZingerWinger Remote Hunt Tester G5 has a Multi-Shot Sound release mechanism with multiple caliber options – as well as a silencing option – that means your dog will find marking the bird to be easier. As a result, they will have a feeling of success and want to continue achieving that feeling.


The ZingerWinger Remote Hunt Tester G5 comes with a multitude of features you and your dog will find helpful for training. The Rolling Release pouch bolt ensures a smooth launch and the elimination of misfires because of old eyebolts. The unit also has three different throw options and the capability of launching ducks, pigeons, bumpers, pheasants, and even live flyers.


Every ZingerWinger Remote Hunt Tester G5 is Made in Canada using components from the USA and from Canada.



Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 3 in


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