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ZingerWinger Remote Zinger Winger II™ G4




ZingerWinger Remote Zinger Winger II™ G4

The ZingerWinger Remote Zinger Winger II G4 is a great value launcher. The system is easy to transport, and has a lightweight design that makes it both practical and portable. Measuring 1.5” x25”x56”, the ZingerWinger Remote Zinger Winger II G4 weighs just 13 pounds.


The ZingerWinger Remote Zinger Winger II G4 is compact, but that doesn’t affect its launching capability. Though not designed to throw as far as the Field Trialer, the ZingerWinger Remote ZingerWinger II G4 can still launch birds the same way they are launched at hunt tests and field trials.


The ZingerWinger II G4 comes with the “rolling release” pouch bolt that ensures a perfect launch – and discourages misfiring and catching of the winger pouch. In addition to the rolling release pouch bolt, the Zinger Winger II G4 also comes with heavy duty hinges, a wire harness, and the Sure-Shot release that improves accuracy. The system is accurate, but it’s also versatile and adaptable to your needs. Change the direction and height of the launch, and launch a variety of birds – everything from ducks to pigeons to live flyers.


To get the most from the Zinger Winger II G4, combine it with Remote Release electronics that make solo training of your dog more efficient and effective. The remote training equipment can ensure consistent launches that keep your dog on par with what they will experience at tests and trials.


The ZingerWinger II G4 is made using components from the United States and Canada.

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 3 in


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