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Zink Calls “24-7 Runnin’ Traffic”


Zink Calls “24-7 Runnin’ Traffic”


Runnin’ Traffic is unlike anything you have ever seen…we would just be touching the tip of the iceberg if we told you the video contains calling tips, decoy spread explanations, cooking ducks, shooting bands and collars, hunting in snow storms, tips never revealed before, World Champion Calling, thousands of geese in the decoys, champion dog work, awesome coyote kills, exclusive behind the scenes footage, game warden encounters, awesome specklebelly action, kicking brand new decoys, a hundred + birds shot in a single day, dancing, spelling bees, wet pants, singing, family outings in goose pits, willow slough mallards, sleeping in trucks, digging holes, spreads of 1,500 decoys…etc…etc…etc

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