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Zink Calls Worn In Tone Channel


Zink Calls Worn In Tone Channel

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Want to sound like a pro with a just out-of-the-box short reed? Now you can, thanks to Zink Calls’ “Worn In Tone Channel System.” Worn or broken-in tone channels have been used by successful competitive callers and professional guides for years, and now you too can get in on this trade secret. Added to your favorite short reed goose call, this system accurately duplicates a tone channel that has seen 300 to 350 hours of use. Experienced callers know that with heavy use, traditional tone channels develop a secondary groove as a result of the reed “slapping” the board. This secondary groove increases reed travel, thus changing the tone and pitch of the call to one much more desireable for both stage and field. Don’t be satisfied with sounding good. Sound great, with Zink Calls’ new “Worn In Tone Channel System.”

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in
Call Options

COD – Call of Death, COD Reed Only, LM-1 Little Man, LM-1 Reed Only, Money Maker, Money Maker Reed Only, NBN – Naughty By Nature, NBN Reed Only, NOS – Nightmare On Stage, NOS Reed Only, PC-1 Power Clucker, PC-1 Reed Only, SR-1 Paralyzer, SR-1 Reed Only


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