Adding Your Coupon Code

Marsh Mutt Clubs may request coupon codes to offer to Club members. Members may use these coupons to credit purchases back to the club, which will in turn help earn fun extras and perks!

Step 1: Request a Coupon Code

You must first request a coupon code. To request a coupon code, you must also have created a club. If you haven’t yet created a Marsh Mutt Club, go ahead and do that now.

Once you have created your Club, you can request a Coupon Code using the form on this page.

Step 2: Wait for Confirmation

Wait for a confirmation email from Marsh Mutt with the details of your Coupon Code.

Step 3: Add the Code to Your Club Profile

To add the code to your Club Profile, take the following steps:

1) Use the Navigation Toolbar at the very top of the site. This displays your avatar and username. Hover over your name/avatar to reveal a drop-down menu.

2) Under this menu, navigate to Groups -> Memberships

3) You should be viewing your profile, on the Marsh Mutt Clubs page. Click on the name of the club this code is for.


4) You should now be viewing the Club Marsh Mutt profile. If you have the appropriate permissions / are a Group Admin, you will see your avatar top right of the profile and will see an Admin tab in the navigation area, about the middle of the page (in brown). Click on Admin.


5) You should see in the green subnavigation a tab called Extras in green. Click on Extras.

6) You should now see several orange buttons on the right: General, All Fields, Add Field, All Pages, and Add Page. Click on All Fields.


7) You will see Coupon Details in a dropdown on this page next to an Import button. Click Import to add these fields to your Club page. (Note: this step prevents the Coupon box from showing up prematurely before you have a coupon code to offer.)

8) Click on the Details tab in the green subnavigation and enter your new Club Marsh Mutt Coupon Code, then save.

Your members can now find your coupon code in the Club Details. You may also opt to add your coupon code to your Group Description.