Retriever Training: Running Marks Alone

It is important to start this article off with an definite FACT, you never have to train alone ALL of the time.  You can definitely get your gun dog involved with a local HRC Club.  In case you don’t  know what that is and want to google it, HRC stands for hunting retriever club.  The HRC is an organization with roughly 14,000 members nationwide, and they have local clubs almost everywhere.  It is composed of hunters that want to get the most out of their hunting dogs, and they are the most friendly group in the industry.

Now that being said, there are going to be times when you simply can’t find a training partner.  But that does not mean you have to suspend your training efforts, because there are lots of technological options to help you train alone.  Lets start off with describing some of thel

  1. Gunners Up Launchers:  One of the originals in the industry for solo hunting, Gunners Up has built a quality winger that allows dog trainers the ability to launch either Ducks or bumpers for their dogs.  The key here is that you can launch ducks, so you give your dog the ultimate true to life experience.
  2. Versa Launcher: RRT developed the Versa Launcher to allow lone hunting dog trainers to launch BUMPERS ONLY in any direction they see fit for appropriate training.  Which means one simple Double Launcher can have your retriever chasing doubles every time you go out.  That being said, you have to use blank ammunition to launch the dummies which gets the dog use to the gunfire/bird fall association. Versa Launcher Double Shot
  3. Zinger Winger Launchers: Another option for winger style launchers is the Zinger, which also allows you launch dead ducks for your hunting buddy.  The Zinger Launcher is also quality built, and will last you for years.  Prices on these wingers vary due to multiple options, so they might have the exact size you need for your budget!

    Zinger Winger Launchers

    Zinger Winger Launcher


Marsh Mutt attempts to offer the greatest selection in the retriever training niche.  Please realize we are family run/operated, and we greatly appreciate your business.

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