Retriever Training Tip: Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Retriever Training Tip: Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Imagine yourself in the duck blind, and your gun dog won’t listen to a thing you say. Come on you know the type of dog that Im talking about, everyone has a friend whose dog won’t sit still and is jumping all over everyone. That is not the type of retriever you want in the blind with you, is it?

We all know that training is needed to get a gun dog to behave appropriately, but how often do we follow through on our training? This is the number one lesson you need to listen too if you want a dog that behaves appropriately in the duck blind. That means you have to enforce the commands you give every single time.

The very last thing you would want to do is send mixed signals to your young/impressionable retriever. It is unfair to them to expect them to behave in a certain fashion, while allowing him/her to behave a vastly different way the very next afternoon. This is what is commonly called building the foundation of a retriever, similar to building a strong foundation on a house. If you take the time to build the foundation correctly, the house will stand the test of time!

Retriever Training is an art that is mixed with science. If you take the time to build a solid foundation for your retriever to stand on through consistency, it will make every other lesson your trying to teach them all that much easier for them to pick up!

And if your going to do it right, make sure to get the right tools for the trade. Gun Dog Training Gear

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