Retriever Training Tips: Working with Puppies

Here are some Retriever Training Tips for your new puppy, because the earlier you start the better off you will be. The first months can definitely help mold your little blank slate, but relax because it should be a ton of fun. Keep in mind that retriever training is marathon race and not a sprint so focus on enjoying the experience!
• Build Confidence: Start off with exercise’s your puppy can be successful with. This period is a great time to start building confidence in your retriever. Keep it fun and simple, which will encourage your puppy to want to “work” for you. Always end on a high note, so that your retriever learns to keep a very positive attitude towards training
• Consistency: When it comes to training a retriever consistency is a must. This needs to start from the very beginning, and should involve every perimeter you set for your new hunting buddy. The very last thing you want to do is confuse your pup with mixed signals because these are animals that thrive on routine.
• Introduction: Take the time to introduce your young retriever to as many environments as you can. This introduction will help build their confidence, and decrease the chance of fear of change. Definitely socialize them with as many humans and friendly dogs as possible. By socializing them you will decrease the risk of fear later on!
• Birds: Attempt to introduce your pup to birds during the first six months of its life. This will help its prey drive thrive. Many people use pigeons, which are cheap and readily available in most areas. Using a tether to restrain the bird will make the bird useful for many training sessions.
• Crating: Using a Kennel for your retriever is definitely advisable. This gives the pup a safe environment when not being trained or directly in the supervision of its owner. The trained term KENNEL is also very useful during training later on.

We really hope you found these simple tips to be useful in the training of your retriever! When it comes to training your best friend only the best equipment will do. Check out the Hunting Dog Supplies at Marsh Mutt, as they offer only the finest equipment in the field!

Josh Ward
Professional Retriever Trainer OPERETRIEVERS.COM

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