Retriever Training: Whats in your retriever training bag

So before duck season we see TONS of blogs about “what you should carry in your blind bag.” But we at Marsh Mutt would like to discuss what you should carry in your Retriever Training Bag. Don’t worry we realize that a pair of Gunners Up Launchers won’t fit in your training bag, but what you do carry is essential in how your day goes!

If you are anything like us, your gonna be out in the middle of no where when training so having everything you need is essential. So lets start off right.

1) Electronic Training Collar: Make sure you have both your collar/transmitter combination and the charger. We always suggest the charger because we have all had an experience when we forgot to charge the collar/transmitter

2) Whistle: Keeping an extra whistle in your bag is a great idea, since all of us have stuck ours in the mud occasionally!

3) Duck Call: Don’t forget your duck call, especially when your gonna be running HRC scenario’s. It gives your gun dog a clear example of what is expected

4) Bumpers: Needless to say, we have also driven to a property thinking that we have bumpers in the back of the truck. Which obviously is not always the case, so that being said you should shove 2-3 two inch bumpers to the base of your Retriever Training Bag! Better safe than sorry.

5) Bottles Of Clean Water: Remember that if your running your dog HARD, then he is gonna get very thirsty! Make sure you keep him hydrated, so he can keep pushing forward! He/She will run much better for you if they are hydrated!

6) Snack: Not for the dog, but you need to keep full too so that you can keep on training. But remember you can always share with your best friend!!

7) Spare Socks: Even when Im trying to stay dry, I always end up with wet socks!

So if your gonna get your dog in shape this spring, definitely get your bag ready!!! And know that we at Marsh Mutt have all the gear you need for your next dog training adventure

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