Review of Muck Wetland Boot

Pro Staff Product Pick: Muck Wetland Boot

Muck Boots 2Muck BootsEver since I purchased a set of these boots 5 years ago I have been thoroughly impressed with them. Whether I’m walking in the woods in the spring, field hunting waterfowl in the fall, or ice fishing in the cold temps of winter these boots have always kept my feet dry and warm. Even when temps start to get warm I can simply roll down the neoprene boot to stay cool. The Muck Wetlands are lightweight and durable. They are 100% waterproof like any rubber boot and as comfortable as any pack boot. I have owned many pairs of boots before these and none have been as versatile as these. This is the first pair of Muck Wetlands I have owned and I guarantee it will not be the last. Check them out on and get a pair. #Getoutside

John Dembowski Pro Staff


CTA Hunting Apparel



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