5 Snow Goose Hunting Tips

Snow Goose Hunting Tips

If we have learned anything about snow goose hunting, it is that you must be prepared in order to get under the snow storm. Snow goose hunting is simply not as easy running traffic on Canada Geese, it takes a superb amount of time to become ready for snow goose season.

5 Snow Goose Hunting Tips

1) Scouting: The number one tip we can give you is to put as much effort into scouting as you can. Even if it takes you a full tank of gas, it is definitely what is needed to get under the birds. GREAT SCOUTING BLOG

2) Sheet Water: There is a definite correlation between fields with Sheet Water and your kill ratio. Especially because it is spring time, make sure to secure permission in fields with sheet water.

3) Conceal Yourself: Nothing is worse than setting out 20 dozen decoys, only to get spotted by the incoming flock. Snow Geese are inherently wary birds, so it is important to spend some extra time making sure you are as hidden as you possibly can be.

4) Quality Decoys: Get yourself the right amount of decoys, but remember you don’t want to replace them yearly. So spend the money to get quality decoys, instead of TONS of low quality beaters. You will thank us in the long run. SNOW GOOSE DECOYS

5) Snacks: Last but not least you need to bring nourishment into the field with you! A lot of the time snow goose hunting turns into whole day events, and that dictates that food is needed.

Snow goose hunting can easily turn into one of the greatest times of your life, but in order to reach that level you need to know what your doing. Follow these simple tips, and the snow geese will come to you!

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