Super Retriever Series

The Super Retriever Series is Coming to A Town Near You

jumping retrieverThe Super Retriever Series was originally discussed between two duck hunters during a fall duck hunt in 1998, and the following year the SRS was born. After a well thought out plan was formulated, the ground work was laid for the most competitive retriever game ever. The main idea was to create the most realistic hunting scenarios for the retrievers to compete in, and test to only the highest level of training via intense distractions. During the years since that fall day, the SRS has given the world a great look at some of the finest retrievers the sport has to offer.

Throughout the years many things have been added to the Super Retriever Series to help grow the sport. Dock Dogs is a great competition many have seen on ESPN, as it is a highly popular event. In dock dogs, energetic retrievers launch themselves off the end of a pier in an effort to see who can jump the farthest while trying to grab a suspended dog bumper. The SRS has also launched itself into the club scene, which has vastly expanded its range throughout the U.S.

The SRS Offers a Number of Exciting Events

  • SRS Classic:  Each classic event is established by either a city or an organization in a city, and can definitely draw a crowd! These events are set up with both retriever hunt tests and dock dog events, to insure the event has something for everyone. For the retriever trials there are separate categories for professional and amateur retriever trainers, evening the playing field.
  • SRS Club Events: The club events are set up as retriever trials, and can be held by either a club or an organization. These events are held to attract as many people around the country as possible to the glory of the SRS.
  • SRS Crown Championship: Held like a classic event, the SRS Crown Championship holds a combination of both a trial and dock dog events for all that have won the proper amount of classic events to qualify. With the title of Crown Champion on the line, this event is highly competitive.

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