Switching to a Gator Tail Mud Motor

Transitioning From an Outboard to a Gator Tail Mud Motor

Hey everyone, I want to start off by saying that I hope everyone had a great season! Just this last year I went from an outboard to a gator tail mud motor. Where I live we hunt timber and don’t have much mud or marsh. I had seen a few mud motors around, but I couldn’t understand why anyone would want one here in Arkansas. Soon I began seeing more and more around the area. Now, at this point I had to check these things out to find out if they are something I should think about Mud purchasing.

Mud Motor’s Can Go Where Outboard’s Cannotmud-motor

A buddy of mine called me last year and invited me to go hunting and I laughed because he didn’t have a boat. He said that he had a friend with a Gatortail and Gator Trax hull. I didn’t think that it would work in the timber but I was willing to give it a try. As we headed out from the Bayou Meto I was still leery. We took off running the ditch then towards the timber to head to the hole. We took out through the woods and went straight to the hole where with an outboard we would have had to stop and walk in. I was sold at that point. On our way back to the ramp I was already thinking about selling my outboard rig and move up to a mud motor and hull. I have to admit it’s all I thought about for a while until I finally decided on the route I was going to take.

The 35 Horsepower Gator Tail Gets the Job Done

I ended up ordering a 35 horsepower Gator Tail and a custom built hull that would work the best for my location. Mud motor hulls aren’t really designed for the timber so I had a narrow boat custom built and ordered the motor, and haven’t looked back since! I have really enjoyed this rig more than any other boat I have ever owned. It allows me to take my Marsh Mutt gear wherever I’m hunting.

As far as a smaller outboard, I don’t plan on ever going back to one. I am sold on a mud motor. There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to driving, especially in shallow water. Boats love to slide when only in inches of water. I have run mine on river runs we have and made some good trips on mud motor rides. I have been able to see some beautiful country and other places that I never would have seen if I hadn’t made the transition. Also, I have made some really great friendships with guys that have mud motors. I am truly happy with the choice I made. and I look forward to using my new rig for many years to come. Check out Marsh Mutt’s Mud Motor Forum to find out what other hunters are saying about Outboard’s versus Mud Motor’s.


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