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Bowfishing Basics

bowfishing equipment

Bowfishing is one of the fastest growing sports in the outdoor world. Though the vast majority of bowfisherman are in the southern states, it has participants worldwide that enjoy this fun and exciting sport. With the combination of bowhunting and fishing, how could you possibly go wrong! In recent years bowfishing has grown in popularity… Read more »

Fishing for Redfish Can be a Blast!

Well, duck hunting is over so I’ll be chasing reds in the marsh now! One of my favorite things to do other than duck hunting is fishing for redfish. Since I was a young boy my father would always take me on weekend trips south towards the Gulf of Mexico. We would spend the weekend… Read more »

Use a Carolina Rig

Being from North Carolina, I am pretty fortunate to be able to fish a variety of different species from freshwater trout up in the mountain streams of Western Carolina all the way down to the salty water of Morehead chasing that bull dolphin. Growing up in the out skirts of a coastal community, I grew… Read more »

My Favorite Saltwater Fishing Trip


“Foggy Memory” of My Favorite Saltwater Fishing Trip This time a year it’s always foggy on the Texas gulf coast. The water is still frigid from all the cold fronts but the air is mildly warmer causing the dense sea fog. I personally like the creepy sea fog most. The damp air brings me back… Read more »