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Goose Hunting Tips

Goose hunting is a different level of waterfowl hunting, the rush of the hunt, the split second of “take em’”. There is no other feeling then laying flat in a blind when you hear the orchestrated honks of the group coming in. Your heart races as you fidget to get in a shooting position. Then… Read more »

Hunting Local Geese

Hunting Local Geese I attended the California Duck Calling Championship last year and while I was there I was introduced to a Nationally well-known goose caller. Our conversation covered many subjects, but all centering around waterfowl hunting. As we continued he asked to see some pictures of my hunts. Local Geese Can be Tricky to… Read more »

Avery Power Hunter Layout Blind

How to Get the Most Out of Your Avery Power Hunter Layout Blind. Your Avery Power Hunter Layout Blind can be your greatest ally when it comes to keeping yourself concealed in the field. If you are new to waterfowl hunting it’s necessary to know how to properly prepare your blind to gain the most success. Having… Read more »