Take the time to pattern your shotgun right

Take the time to pattern your shotgun right

None of us like to miss birds as they come in the spread, but to minimize your overall miss percentage it is important to pattern your shotgun right. That is not that patterning your shotgun is your only problem, but it could be a piece of the puzzle which definitely needs to be looked at! As you will read below it doesn’t take a genius to create an effective pattern.

We want to start off with the the shooting overall picture, and a couple things that could could go wrong. Don’t forget that ducks/geese are just standing still.

A) Is your lead correct? You need to make sure to have the appropriate lead in front of the birds in order to connect to them. This lead comes natural after shooting clay targets, so make sure to practice!

B) Are you following through with your shot? It is a common mistake to stop the shotgun when you pull the trigger. That is a mistake that can cause you to shoot behind the duck. Make sure to continue through on every single shot

With those two out of the way, it is time to talk more about patterning your shotgun. Now Ive heard many people say “You don’t need to pattern your gun, because they are made for this” but that simply is not accurate. It is very important to take the few moments it takes to pattern your gun, because at the bare minimum it will decrease our cripples.

1) Make sure to have a steady stable gun rest to make sure you are leveled off. This will keep any comparisons equal, and ensure you make wise choices

2) Don’t skimp on the target surface area. Make sure your area is large enough to evaluate the shot completely.

3) Pattern the gun with the same products you plan to hunt with. IF you are going to use the a Patternmaster Code Black then definitely pattern the gun with it in. You can compare different ammunition with it though!

4) Set your target up approximately 40 yards from your gun rest. This gives you a great comparison to real life shooting scenarios

Now that you have taken the time to do a simple patterning session you will know of any adjustments you make to your shot. For instance if your shooting a little low, then you know how much you need to adjust your shot to knock them out the sky in real life scenario’s

Hope this helps you kill more birds!!

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