Teal Season in Texas

Howdy from Texas everyone!

Down here in the south, it is hot! We are reaching the low 100s daily with no sign of it letting up anytime soon. However, early teal season in Texas is just around the corner and that is good news for those of us with an itchy trigger finger.

Be Prepared for Your Hunt

For most of us, dove and teal season represent the first time since the previous season that we get to shoulder our shotguns at live game. In Texas, it is a time to fight off mosquitos that outnumber and outgrow the teal we are chasing. In certain parts of the state, it is also a time to watch for gators and keep your dogs close. Despite the threat of West Nile and losing a limb or two, thousands of us across the state will take to the lakes and ponds on September 13. It really is not as bad as one can make it sound. Take a couple thermocells and mosquito spray and you can keep them away. The gators generally avoid people, but will quickly make a snack of an easy meal in the form of a lifeless bird on the water. For this reason, it is important to pick up any downed birds quickly.

Teal Hunting Tips

When it comes to teal hunting, or dove for that matter, it is important to remember how quick and shifty they are. They generally decoy well with only a few decoys and maybe a mojo, but can quickly shift directions just when you think you’ve got them dead to rights. In order to be successful, you must be a good shot and well hidden, just as with big ducks. Due to the heat, it is a good idea to get set up with a pair of lightweight, breathable waders and be sure to drink plenty of water. Since you won’t be experiencing the cold temperatures experienced in regular duck season, it is also a great time to take kids or women who may not care to go out in 30 degree weather. Overall, early teal season is a great time to get out and hone your skills before big duck season begins

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