Tips for Early Season Goose Hunting

Finally, the time of year is back again where us hunters are starting to anxiously wait for the season to start! We start to prepare for what we want to be our best season yet. Here are some tips that may help the preparation go more smoothly.

First, you’ll want to make sure you’re as best prepared as you can be. The weather conditions should be your main focus on preparing for. Even though it’ll be early in the season, the temperature in the morning will be a lot colder in the mornings than it is during the day. It’s always best to have more clothes packed just in case than not have enough and to be miserable the whole time.

Next, you’ll want to find a location. By the time opening day is upon us, you’ll be happy you found your location early and know the geese and their patterns. Early morning and late in the afternoon are perfect times to scout the geese. You’ll get to know their flight path to their feeding ground in the morning and later in the afternoon you can see where they are resting at night. This will let you know where to setup for next time.

The next steps you’ll want to take are to pick the right blind that fits your needs and to get your decoy setup in mind. Find what makes you comfortable when looking for which blind you want to pick. There are multiple different blinds for different purposes. They have pit blinds that are more common for hunting in groups. You could also choose a layout blind that is made for one man which you can use to layout around or inside you decoy spread.

Onto your decoy setup. You decoy setup is crucial in early season goose hunting. During the earlier part of the season you see more young immature juvenal birds. You can either set your decoy spread up as you would during the late season which would be a U shape where they have a place to land in front of your blind or you can set your decoys in a small family setup with around 5-7 decoys.

When you’re calling the birds you don’t want to call them harder like you would call birds later in the season. You want to just give a couple honks and clucks as the birds are flying around. When the bird commits to landing stop the calls and if your decoys are setup just right then they will know where to land.

Lastly, just enjoy the season. Have a great time out there with friends and family and enjoy the bonding time. Safe hunting everyone!

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