Hunting Trips with Your Retriever

Traveling to that favorite hunting spot of yours with your trusted retriever? Here are some items you may want to consider packing when planning a hunting trip with your dog.

Kennel You’ll want to bring your dog’s travel kennel along with you on your trip. You don’t want to give you retriever full access to the backseat especially if he’s going to be dirty from the trip. And you don’t want him roaming freely in the bed of a pickup for the entire trip.

Food and H2O You want to make sure to bring the dog food that you currently feed your dog. If you change your dog’s food out of the blue you could upset your dog’s stomach. Bring some fresh water from home that your dog is used to drinking. Water varies in different places with different amounts of chlorine or sulfur. That also can cause problems for your dog’s stomach.

Leash and Collar The leash and collar will help you keep control over your retriever in unfamiliar territory or around other unfamiliar animals. This way near busy roadways you can have complete control.

First-Aid The first-aid kit could be used to save your dog’s life. We all hope that we won’t have to use this item, but if you need it you’ll be glad you packed it. It should come equipped with gauze, medical tape, tweezers, blood-stopper powder, hydrogen peroxide, and scissors.

Towel Do you enjoy being wet while it’s cold out? Neither does your dog. If your dog is wet in cold weather, then he will be burning needless calories and cause stress. If you intend to keep your dog outside in the kennel, then bring an insulated cover to help keep your dog warm.

Vest and Stand A properly fitted Neoprene vest can help by not only trapping in your dog’s body heat, but it will also help keep his fur dry. If you hunt where dry ground is not available, a stand will help the situation. The stand keeps your dog out of the water in between retrieves.

Dog Bed Does your dog sleep in a dog bed at home? Bring it with. Anything that feels normal to them will help your dog relax or feel more at ease especially around anyone else’s hunting dogs.

E-Collar or Whistle Anything that you use to train your dog you should bring. If your dog is used to a specific whistle, you should take that. If you’ve trained with an E-Collar, take that to use.

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